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Speeding up your Process

The following additional steps can be completed in advance and will expedite your path to completion of the David Straight process.


In order to complete your Freedom Documents, you will need a copy of your Birth Certificate and a copy of your Certificate of Life Birth. The Birth Record will not help in this process. There is also some additional information needed which will allow us to tailor your documents specifically to you. Each piece of information within the Bundle Form of your My Account area is required for the various documents we will be preparing for you. Please ensure that uploaded images of your birth certificate, and certificate of live birth can be easily read. Please provide a copy of the front and back of all documents. Order three certified copies of your Long Form birth certificate for yourself (if available) from VitalCheck. If the Long Form is not available for your State, order the Short Form. Order three to five certified copies for your minor children as well.

We have proved links to the Cam Scanner App. The app captures crisp clear images without allot of difficulty. You will need to upload images of your birth certificate and certificate of live birth when completing the "Level One Bundle Form" in the Account area of your profile.


You will need to order a replacement Social Security Card if:  

  1. Your card does not have numbers on the back - Pre 70's cards 

  2. Your card has black numbers on the back - black is a dead account number.  

These numbers are tied to your Minor Trust Account.  If your numbers are red already then you're good to go. Red is a live account number.  You can order up to 3 cards per year and 10 in your lifetime. These cards will have different numbers on the back each time you order a replacement. They each tie to a different account that is then tied to your main Trust Account. The card(s) will come in your ALL CAPS NAME, this is ok since this is your Trust they are referring to.

If you need to order a replacement card, click the link for the Social Security

  1. Sign up and create an account, follow the link to order a replacement card.  

  2. Type in your Mailing Address 

  3. Type in  your driver license or a State issued ID


  1.  A stamp for “CERTIFIED TRUE COPY” will be needed and can be purchased at You can use any stamp supplier you choose. You may also like to acquire stamps for the UCC 1-308 Statement and for applying the endorsement on your passport. See images below.



You will also want to acquire a quality BLUE, RED and PURPLE ink pen, a red ink pad for thumb printing and additional black, blue or red pads if your stamps are not self-inking.

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